The best Design Solutions For the WordPress Website

Six Sources for discovering the very best design solutions for your WordPress website.


Free WordPress Themes directory is definitely the most important provider. Right here you could locate the newest themes, plugins and news about WordPress. Get additional details about wordpress store themes


WordPress Themes Archive has gathered more than 2000 free themes and, excluding the directory which permits the preview of each individual themes, offers a file containing each of the themes, a file which has practically 400 mb and which could be downloaded straight from the website as an archive (in zip or tar.gz) or with a torrent client. Should you don't want the entire collection, just download the themes that you're keen on; the files are accessible for themes having a column, 2, 3 or 4 columns.


You'll find also disadvantages; would you anticipate every thing to be great? The theme doesn't enable too quite a few criteria for sorting - only category, color and positioning of your sidebar and is very time consuming to navigate through more than 100 pages. Also, pretty much any theme downloaded includes an added hyperlink, paid advertising for an online store, in one of the footer or sidebars. Not that it would be too difficult to get rid of that hyperlink! Final but not least, a rather critical omission is the fact that there's no hyperlink towards the home page theme, meaning you don't have any idea in the event the theme is working properly on your version of WordPress and you also never know if any updates have occurred for this theme.


Smashing magazine presents one hundred free high-quality WordPress templates. The team of Smashingmagazine has very carefully chosen amongst hundreds of designs and themes, which have already been manually selected, installed and tested more than the last weeks. Each of the themes could be downloaded, customized and used for free in both personal and commercial projects. Links to demo-versions deliver a direct preview of a theme. In other post, they said that you can discover a gallery with 83 free themes which possibly you have not seen however. All themes give good quality, elegance as well as a user-friendly interface.


Top rated WordPress Themes can be a collection of best themes, selected by columns (2 or 3 columns) or by author. Each of the templates are free as well as the disadvantage is the fact that you cannot sort by colors or category (like business, personal page, etc.)


WordPress Themes Base offers you a collection of fresh WordPress themes. They praise to bring you by far the most fresh, appealing, and one of a kind themes. The collection contains a adequate number of templates. A wide choice of this website can help you to pick the best one for the wants. Right here you'll find inventive approaches primarily based upon a basic WordPress template along with the most awesome designs and nonstandard layout solutions. All themes are absolutely free and can be used for personal or commercial purposes. At occasions design-communities give in public use distinctive WordPress Themes that provide high high-quality, elegance and a user-friendly interface.

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