Xecuter SX OS, what’s the advantage and OS “Stealth” Mode?

These days, we have get the news of Team Xecuter has updated the SX OS to , It is identified that SX Products will be the ideal and newest decision available on the market to hack Nintendo Switch, so, on this article, we are going to show the detailed news of SX OS , what’s the benefit and OS “Stealth” Mode? You can locate the answer on the under. Get additional information about SX OS


What’s the advantage of SX OS ?


Group Xecuter informs us that it has just updated the operating system SX OS, this version 2.6.1 focuses around the security on the console but in addition on compatibility. The initial from the evolutions is that 32GB XCI files are now supported, games like Dragon Quest Heros 1 and 2 will operate.


Personal data will no longer be uploaded to Nintendo’s servers, and game updates and online gaming are no longer attainable, be conscious that that is an option that will be regarded as to disable inside the TX menu. This really is to propose a stealth mode, a additional “stealthy” or protected mode that limits the details transmitted to Nintendo, more typically the data that the console could send.


Add help for 32GB XCI files (Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2)


It came to our interest that 32GB XCI files weren't working with SX OS. Given that game compatibility is high up there on the priority list of Team Xecuter, we investigated this situation and are content to report this has been resolved. You can now love these content-packed larger games like Dragon Quest Heroes!

Introducing Stealth Mode


Stealth Mode is our option to prevent console bans. In SX OS v1.6 and onwards this function will likely be enabled by default.


You'll be able to still disable Stealth Mode from the TX menu for those who really wish to complete so, however we usually do not suggest this (unless your Switch is currently banned).


With Stealth Mode enabled your Switch system isn't in a position to send any Switch private facts to Nintendo’s servers whilst nonetheless enabling standard Internet functionality (for eg homebrew). Factors like local WiFi play can also be still doable!


Keep in mind Stealth Mode is only active if you are running SX OS! In case you sometimes boot back into original Switch firmware you may expose your self to a ban threat should you have modified your Switch system by installing NSP titles by way of example, so we usually do not suggest this!


Playing XCI titles in SX OS with Stealth Mode enabled shouldn't get you banned when booting/using your original Switch firmware online. This is the reason we personally choose our Game Cartridge emulation resolution, and so should you!


What’s the OS “Stealth” Mode?


From what we fully grasp by reading the announcement of Group Xecuter, we would say that blocks the Nintendo servers when you’re in cfw (how could do a proxy or comparable) and that’s it. Actually, it says that starting the ofw just after installing, one example is, nsp is harmful.


The issue of DQH is usually a challenge which has been reported considering that earlier, so it can be good to become solved.


Though it truly is a stealth mode, if it's enabled, you may get an error even when you check your applet, at the same time as connecting for the e-shop.


Please do not rush, because it is just not BAN just because the SX OS is blocking.


Stealth mode is often enabled/disabled from menu OPTIONS.



At last month, we've received the news of being banned , Nintendo Switch has announced that, For (not banned however) people, Switch online wont be free any longer given that August. Currently, Group Xecuter updated the SX OS to , along with the stealth mode can help payers steer clear of being banned, it is the ideal time to acquire SX OS or updated your SX OS to for hacking Nintendo Switch.


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